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You said a mouthful!

Developing sites is not always as easy as it seems to the client. I find myself always running into problems with our good old friiend Internet Explorer.

Believe me I have dug underneath the problems that come with our good old friend I.E. and while I'm on this subject is there really anyone out there still using them other than the schools?

Thank God for the vast amount of resources we can find on the web to try and troubleshoot the issues bu that's the whole problem. Why should I have to go through such troubles for a browser that has been along for the whole ride?

For some reason thinking on this topic brought me to a really good idea? Why don't we start this off by giving everyone out there an idea of file extensions and what they mean and what the different ones are used for. has a really good info list on extensions.


  1. January

    Thanks for the hook up on the business cards. We will have to go through the rest of your templates and come up with a better idea or maybe something from scratch. File extensions are a good idea to talk about. Do you ever have problems opening certain extensions and is there any shortcuts or tricks to it?

  2. Henry

    You are ahead of the game January but maybe you will find this link helpful FILExt. No prob on the cards. I just got a big old batch of templates and we can chop em up anyway you want.

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